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Weekly compilation 02.12.11

Here is our regular feature with an update of the week's most relevant stories:

Energy & Climate Change
RT @PostBusiness: Thousands of jobs under threat after cuts to solar energy subsidies - save them:

RT @pauldezylva: Queen huddling to keep warm aside, DailyMail #fuelpoverty piece is usual blame #green tax gibberish.

Renewables Obligation: No to subsidies for destructive biomass and biofuel electricity: #biomassacre

RT @OccupyCOP17: Nnimmo Bassey- #shell acting with impunity, polluting ecosystems globally #cop17act #occupycop17

RT @astonishernet: Desmond Tutu and Nnimmo Bassey speeches:"One Planet, one Africa, one people: we have faith." #COP17

Thought this was a joke: RT @guardianeco: Qatar wins bid to host 2012 climate talks

Has he heard of the Stern review or defra work on value of nature? RSPB shock at Osborne attack on environmental rules:

RT @BCABS5#fuelpoverty data for Birmingham - we have 80 LSOAs where #fuelpoverty is 40% or higher. Critical that this is taken seriously.

The end game in Durban? How developed countries bullied and bribed to try to kill Kyoto:

RT @BCABS5 #fuelpoverty needs to be tackled in a co-ordinated way - it's why we support @Bham_FOE's Final Demand campaign:

If there's a supermarket application you want to fight in your area, look at our handy guide:

This would be popular, we think: RT @birminghammail: Life-long trader's vision of Birmingham wholesale markets revealed

There's also a great guest article by Organic Carol on the plans for the markets:

If you want to see what we think about local rail and how to help push for better from govt - read this:

RT @sustrans: Kids tell us they want to live on traffic-free streets #freerangekids

RT @RichardHebditch: My blog on what the Autumn Statement tells us (about environment & transport particularly):

Only decent bit of news today is the rise in APD that's been announced:

RT @Roads2Nowhere: Interactive map of all the schemes in DfT Development Pool -now apparently fully funded by Treasury:

The only ones happy are the Tax Payers Alliance: RT@Roads2Nowhere: CPRE: 'Autumn statement a road plan for disaster'

Back for good? RT @nxwestmidlands: From Thurs 1 Dec to Sat 31 Dec Evening Saver will return to nxbuses after 6pm £2.50

RT @Roads2Nowhere: Toll roads and lanes in the UK would be a toxic investment. Read our new briefing to see why:

RT @carltonreid: To increase cyclist safety, reduce motor vehicle speeds, says official report for DfT. BikeBiz:

Waste & Resource Use
Thanks to students from BCU Broadcast Journalism who made this video of our Santa Parade for #buynothingday:

There are a couple of sets of photos from Saturday's #buynothingday Santa Parade on our facebook page:

Embarrassing story for Bristol council with its leaves going to landfill in plastic bags:

Part time post at Project Pigeon in Digbeth would be a lovely job for someone:

RT @CraigBennett3: "Osborne: The new enemy of the green movement?" A great piece by @mjpmccarthy

RT @SWMtweet: We are looking for a Graduate Communciations Intern, deadline to apply 5th December

RT @CN4B: New Article: New art & community cafe opens in Moseley - - Thought it was Balsall Heath. - this is where we're going for the xmas meal.

Excellent blog by @wee_dave on the true awfulness that was George Osborne's #AS2011

RT @wee_dave: Briefing on the dismal non-green Autumn Statement - and what Osborne should have done instead #AS2011

Our press response to infrastructure investment plans by Osborne:

RT @newoptimists: 10 reasons for collecting info about #foodproduction in #Brum What's missing? #opendata #tnofood

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