Monday, 12 December 2011

First Event for Young FoE in Birmingham

Last Saturday Young Friends of the Earth Midlands (people aged 18-30 involved in FoE) met for its first time ever. For our first action we decided to dress up like reps from the big six energy companies to thank our faithful customers for their ongoing support, “even though your annual bill has gone up by an average of £500 our shareholders annual payment has increased by 150%..... so every cloud.”

Considering this was the first time the group had done anything, the turnout was excellent. People came from throughout the Midlands (with one notable exception who came from Leeds) to inform people about the Friends of the Earth 'Final Demand' campaign. While for the most part people understood the irony intended in the message, several people did lecture me about the evils of their energy provider and in one instance that I should be ashamed of myself! This just helped to bring home how fed up people are with the 'big six' and how urgently an enquiry into them is needed.

You can watch the following You-tube clip for a brief snippet of the day.

All things considered, I felt that it was a success and I am particularly grateful for those who took part on the day, I just hope the group can continue to flourish into the new year.
If you wish to get involved with Young FoE, please get in touch via, so together we can make our second event just as successful as the first.

Richard Sagar  

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