Friday, 16 December 2011

weekly compilation 16.12.2011

Here's our round-up of the stories relating to our campaigns from this week:

Energy & Climate Change
"I suppose there will be some who look more to Nigel Lawson than they do to David Attenborough.. but I doubt it.": :-)

New article on our website about the @wwfoecouk victory in the high court today on challenging Feed-in-Tariffs review:

Excellent! Another blog post by that @powellds who used to be @wee_dave - always a good read, here on energy bills:

RT @newscientist: Carbon capture and storage gets a clean bill of health

RT @dpcarrington: UK #energy bills: here's CCC's report on why "astronomical" rises won't result from green measures

RT @leohickman: By me: British public strongly support renewable energy, survey says: good for #finaldemand campaign

Former FoE energy campaigner was very happy about the Siemens plans for wind turbine factory in Hull.

RT @wwwfoecouk: Watch the reaction on #Durban from our executive director @Andy2Atkins

New blog post on Saturday's Young Friends of the Earth stunt for Final Demand campaign: - the lovely big 6 companies!

RT @AlaaKhourdajie: Durban Climate Agreement: Gap Period in the International Actions and its Economic Implications:

RT @orangejon my video's now online of of yesterday's #FinalDemand action, questioning the profits of big 6 - #energy:

Interesting. Others similar? RT @AcocksGreenFG: 2008 Acocks Green TCM survey: 45% walk to AG centre shops, 28% take bus, 35% use car.

All politicians need to understand about economics of local shops: RT @theneweconomics: Long live the Queen of Shops:

RT @RichardHebditch: Decent shopping & streets, not parking what matters for high streets: (blog on Mary Portas review)

RT @rail_media: Acocks Green rail passengers to benefit from lifts #rail

"Department for Transport’s road plans are a backward step" another one by most environmentally destructive govt ever!

Birmingham’s Cross-City line ‘one of the most accessible in the country’ - just a shame no funding for more stations:

Oh dear. When many people's pay is frozen, bus fares are going up by over 5% again: and there's no evening saver!!

New blog post on the cuts to pensioners free travel and whether there's a better solution (eg charging for car parking)

RT @sustrans: Cycle like the Danes to cut carbon emissions, says study: via @guardian

Waste & Recycling
Interesting to see how the AD industry copes with these challenges. Birmingham could be planning something soon:

Article up on our website about the Buy Nothing Day parade. Good to read with only 1 weekend left before xmas:

Does anyone think it'd be worth having a Birmingham TV station? Hard to see it being viable financially?

"Eco-friendly firm Sudscape wins Olympic Village contract" - making pavements out of used car tyres sounds good:

Good to see an article focusing on other aspects than just CO2 cuts around Durban talks - biodiversity crucial too:

RT @wwwfoecouk: Know any green heroes? Nominate allotment champs & inspiring teachers for @nationaltrust award 16 Jan:

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