Thursday, 22 December 2011

final weekly compilation of 2011

Here's our last news round up of 2011:

Energy & Climate Change
Press release up on our website "Government Solar Cuts are Illegal, says High Court":

So BP is axing all its renewables programmes other than US onshore wind and biofuels (can be worse than fossil fuels):

Balsall Heath now has an Energy Plan to create a more energy-efficient neighbourhood, & one that uses energy sources available in the area. You can see the summary of their Energy Plan on the Balsall Heath is Our Planet blog:

RT @wwwfoecouk: Blog: Our solar legal case: why we're in court

RT @mcrfoe: Anti wind turbine Sunday Times spike own poll that shows public support MORE #windturbines

RT @guardianeco: 'Green deal' will fail, government's climate advisers warn - definitely needs more ambition!

RT @dpcarrington: Even Canada's government doesn't believe its own spin on tar sands #tarsands#oilsands

This article has reassured me somewhat about the dangers of methane being released from the oceans:

The BeBirmingham Summit report conveniently leaves out a lot of what was said which doesn't fit with council policy:

Good stuff by @bcualisterscott on radio 4 today programme about housing development and the reform of planning law:

RT @BirminghamPress: Stirchley, is primarily residential area with a declining shopping street-but change is on the way

RT @birminghammail: Birmingham Labour MPs demand talks with council leader Mike Whitby over wholesale markets' future:

Historic court ruling today to uphold the EU law to reduce carbon pollution from airplanes: - hope for another on FiTs.

RT @jonwalker121: Anti #hs2 protest song Oak Tree Lament at numbers 4 & 5 in HMV download chart, above Coldplay etc

Waste & Recycling
Look forward to campaign on using our resources better next year.@MikeChilds1 reviews a book dealing with such issues:

The next Sustainability Forum is on 'Love Where You Live', Wed 25 Jan 2012, Highbury Hall, Birmingham, 18.30 - 20.45.

Good Food for Our Money Campaign from Sustain to stop public money being spent on bad food in schools and hospitals:

Merry Christmas and here's what we've been doing in 2011:

RT @mwarhurst#FOEE - Biodiversity on the brink: Environment ministers fail to tackle global challenges:

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