Monday, 12 December 2011

Cuts, cuts, cuts - pensioners to lose free travel?

Aside from whether cutting things is the right approach, if funds have to be found, what about a tax on workplace car parking that is currently a gift ?
Placing a fee on pensioners for West Midlands transport use, in some cases will be a burden on very low income people. With the poor standard of driving and the problems with the elderly having slower reaction times to 'jack the lad' manoeuvres, encouraging the elderly to drive more, may be unwise.
Car parking is not charged at most railway stations but has been funded by all. The person walking to the station is paying the same for the journey ticket as the person driving the same mile. Is this right?

Annual maintenance of each car parking space is between £200 and £400. A charge per use of £1 would not be unreasonable. An annual all car parks sticker would be easier than paying daily.
However, all changes need to bear in mind Air Quality issues - we breathe in the consequence of wrong decisions.

Is there anything else we can do to save money, not encourage more driving and not disadvantage those most in need of subsidised travel?

John Hall

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