Friday, 30 September 2011

Weekly compilation 30.09.2011

Here's the latest update on what's been happening over the past 5 days:

Energy & Climate Change
RT @guardianeco: Renewable Heat Incentive withdrawn by government hours before launch

One of BCC's better ideas, definitely: Birmingham City Council plans to offer cheaper gas and electricity for families:

RT @Martin_Abrams: Fracking in Mendips 'may threaten Bath hot springs' #Climate #CO2 #Fracking

People who understand about battery technologies say this is v good news for electric cars & intermittent renewables:

Caroline Lucas talking sense on #NPPF & why it's even worse than forests sell off as indictment of greenest govt ever:

RT @mcrfoe: Stonehenge gets sponsored by tesco #localismbill

We know the countryside isn't yet safe with #planning reforms - what about urban open spaces? NPPF

Even if #planning protects #environment (?) Ministers now find new #housing is low quality + not low #Carbon #NPPF

Our press release on the cooking oil (or not) biofuels fiasco at Birmingham airport. Out of the deep fat fryer... :

RT @RichardHebditch: Our trustee John Stewart (chair of airport watch) has been refused entry to US for speaking tour on aviation campaigning:

RT @RoadPeace: 80mph - flawed cost-benefit analysis and skewed priorities puts people and planet at risk - again:

Freedom to let your dog poo everywhere, smoke where you want and drive like a madman #libertarianismgonemad:

400,000 women & their families could have their lives destroyed by biofuel used in Thomson flights from Bham airport:

For all the details on the biofuels flights from Bham airport, see@airportwatch:

Much needed in Birmingham: RT @livingstreets: Protect your pavement from inconsiderate #pavementparking

In this article they talk about damage by APD to inbound tourism, then give example of family flying to Florida - doh!

Baker simplifies 20mph zone rules: - need a lot more of these in Birmingham for people to feel safe cycling/walking

Free #Carbon permits for airlines worth €20bn. And the aviation industry claims it's not subsidised. #climate

Waste & Recycling
Why doesn't he give local choice? RT @guardianeco: £250m weekly bin collections fund is what people want, says Pickles

"Feeling sickened? Just lean over the wheelie bin, and Pickles will be along to collect it within the week."

For some reason we've been asked to comment more on 5p bag charge than other stories: - need tougher laws on packaging.

Speaking about #talkingrubbish - why would anyone think we need more incinerators? We need a tax on incineration:

RT @leohickman: I'm assuming @EricPickles never read my article about German town with nation's best recycling rates

Very nice and great to see garden flourishing RT @northfieldeco: Pop in and see... RT B31blog New mural at eco centre -

RT @mwarhurst: New #EU study: conflict areas linked to natural resources: #war 3#africa #jrc

RT @LocaliseWM: Just finished LWM autumn newsletter. Hope you can find a moment to enjoy reading it. - well worth it.

If you thought Greece's economic debt was bad, what about the world's ecological debt:

Friday, 23 September 2011

Weekly compilation 23.09.2011

This week's top stories relating to our campaigns can be seen collected from twitter below:

Energy & Climate Change
More and more concerned about this RT : Fracking industry will be minimally regulated in UK, letters reveal

RT : Tariffs so complicated we can't understand them Tell us your stories

RT : Blog: Is a fair transition to a low carbon economy possible?: Can carbon emissions be cut fast...

RT : Launch event & discussion for our Green Deal & Fuel Poverty report on11th Oct 5pm at BMI. All welcome.

How can we be subsidising climate change? RT : Leaked report: ditch fossil fuel subsidies

We need negative emissions not mad, bad, dangerous solar radiation management, see and listen to 9pm

RT : Blog: Councils and climate: good things come to those who huff and puff: A new role for the CCC:

RT : Birmingham considering £23m schools PV package

Very odd that suddenly wind power means we're giving money to foreign firms. I thought that was fossil fuels & nuclear:

Good letter from on high energy prices in today's: . Gov must do more to incentivise renewables

Trader Dave Everett and Cllr Paul Tilsley cross swords :

RT : Comment on the planned controversial changes to planning regs

Good blog on what will happen to urban areas if we allow developers to just focus on easier, more desirable Greenbelt:

No More - especially a popular pub! RT Protests at plans to turn Bham pub The Navigation into supermarket

Catch the piece on Bike Trains at 19 minutes into Midlands Today - thanks to Ben Godfrey for covering it:

Our Press release on yesterday's Bike Trains:

RT : is the place to be for cycling this Autumn.

Cheers Mandy RT : Blog: Car Free Day in Birmingham: join a bike train to work: Saddling up in the city

A final reminder for everyone to get on your bike this Thursday: RT All Aboard —

Waste & Recycling
RT : - future transport, waste, food, & alternative energies – 3 October -

Look who's in Birmingham Mail's Go Green section calling for separate food waste collections - it's only us:

Ten top tips for a beautiful food waste bin - let's hope people in Brum will be needing these soon - file away:

This is crucial, not just measuring carbon: RT : EU Resource efficiency roadmap published -

RT : Ultra-disingenuous of Vince to praise stimulus & Keynes while supporting Treasury-constrained Green Bank:

Friday, 16 September 2011

weekly compilation 16.09.2011

This week was full of news, so here's our digest from what we picked up on twitter by campaign:

Energy & Climate Change
RT @LocaliseWM: Our new report: Solving Fuel Poverty: opportunities from Green Deal & Localisation

"Once you've proved it's definitely not happening, jump aboard the cheap flights" David Mitchell on climate change:

RT @wwwfoecouk: Move the planet beyond fossil fuels: Be part of the global day of action on 24 September.

RT @leohickman: WSJ: Shell may be prosecuted for the UK's worst oil spill in a decade

RT @AirportWatch: ‘Serious’ Error Found in Carbon Savings for Biofuels. EEASC finds there is double counting of savings

RT @PhilBeardmore: Private landlords to consider green deal | News | Inside Housing: #greendeal

Explosion at nuclear power plant in France

"It [was] like looking into the Grand Canyon full of ice and coming back two years later to find it full of water,":

RT @AndrewLainton: We wont win #NPPF battle unless we say how policy must change -check out suggested redraft & comment

Birmingham’s Bull Ring market sites: are Hammerson and REITs still interested?

This is a brilliantly funny piece by Jonathon Porritt in the form of a letter to Greg Clarke about #NPPF:

RT @WoodlandTrust: #NPPF just bust 5,500 opinions on our poll - lets make it 6000 by the end of today Thanks everyone ;-)

RT @pauldezylva: Busted: @CommunitiesUK so-called #planning'mythbuster' exposed; #NPPF is way off being #sustainable

Stirchley group offer alternative local vision:

"A deregulated approach to planning might sound attractive to some, but the reality is that it will lead to chaos."

Ministers are hypocrites to push for planning reform - they opposed developments in their own constituencies #NPPF

Revelations in @MailOnline about house builders' involvement in drawing up #planning reforms #nppf

Brilliant campaigning idea - disguise the markets as the Frankfurt German xmas market that the council really values:

RT @daveharte: London Midlands trains doing their version of an Oyster card - shame it only works on their trains

RT @Bham_carfree: 2 away from 50 signed up for Bike Trains! Come on we can do that today & then double it by Thursday:

The theme of European Mobility Week this year is "Alternative Mobility" - Bike Trains are perfect for this:

"MPs warn APD rise will stop families flying" - this is good for the economy. Do they not want to cut the deficit?

Warning after latest child collision in West Midlands: - why is the onus always on kids to be careful, not drivers?

RT @christianwolmar: My take on suggestions in response to Hammond's 'rich man's toy' jibe about railways:

Bike Trains News: Treats Courtesy of Birmingham's Great Independent Coffee Shops: @SixEightKafe @Brewsmiths_JQ@urbancoffeeco

RT @AirportWatch: Bimingham airport to get subsidy from public funds for its runway. While huge spending cuts elsewhere

The latest tempter for people wavering as to whether to go join us next Thursday: Reasons to join a Bike Train #4:

@Bham_carfree: Copenhagen's cycle lanes are so popular, they're becoming congested...if only we had this problem!

RT @mwarhurst: #EU Resource Efficiency Roadmap due on Tue 20th - but will it have words or actions? #potocnik

'Come and collect my scraps': Majority want councils to run 'slop bucket' service alongside bin collections:

Our Press Release with the local angle on new FoE research: Public Back Separation Of Food Waste:

RT @foecumbria: Survey reveals strong support for UK food #wastecollection from public - @wwwfoecouk - #talkingrubbish Listen to Joe talking about food waste on Adrian Goldberg's show just after 48 minutes

Hmm, let's see the action: RT @jonwalker121: Nick Clegg says Britain must look to Birmingham, Newcastle etc to drive economy, not "fat cats of the city of London"

Luxury brands must wake up to ethical and environmental responsibilities: - surely all brands should!

RT @LocaliseWM: Award winning Eastside cafe under threat from 80% rent increase. Can anyone help?

RT @guardianeco: Amazing timeline of birthdays of @wwwfoecouk,@greenpeace and @wwf

RT @KingsHeathRF: We're warming up for 'Future of Kings Heath' event at the church opposite Asda on Sat 24th. Drop in and learn/contribute

RT @aweebirdytoldme: Well done David Walliams -you & London deserve a better river @wwwfoecouk @sportrelief #thamesswim

RT @digbeth: DiG blog post, Reclaim The Spaces - discovering Digbeth's secret garden -

RT @mwarhurst: Great oxfam video on land grabbing - #EU #Land

Fantastic blog about @peopleandplanet's #greenleague and how it helps students choose which unis to study at:

If you want to read what people were saying from Friends of the Earth conference last week, look up twitter #foeconf