Thursday, 8 September 2011

weekly compilation 08.09.2011

Here's our weekly round up of what's been in the twittersphere:

Energy & Climate Change
RT @MikeChilds1: Enough to make you weep - the impact climate change can have on biodiversty in @newscientist

RT @wwwfoecouk: Blog: What's really hiking up our energy bills?: Why it's wrong to say 'green taxes' drive them up:

RT @birminghampost: RSPB says planned Walsall wind turbine is no danger to birds

Study exposes green failings of wood fuel power plans:

If you haven't been to @zerocarbonhouse Balsall Heath for one of their open days yet, there's one on Saturday:

New article up on our website about the government's planning free-for-all and how to stop it:

RT @pauldezylva: So called #NPPF 'myth-buster' reads just like the NPPF, but then it would. As vague, too. #planning

Acocks Green Ward Meeting today - 7 pm Fox Hollies Forum Morrison's under 'Urgent Local Concern'

RT @RTPIPlanners: #planningmyths 1) The default response to a planning application is "no".

RT @RTPIPlanners: #planningmyths 2) Planning is slow. 3) Planning is costly. See the evidence that refutes these myths:

RT @RTPIPlanners: #planningmyths 4) Planning is a drag on economic growth. 5) Planning forces house prices up - busted:

The "battle" rhetoric sends out all the wrong signals in terms of a willingness to listen. Not all about countryside:

Birmingham Friends of the Earth back the Support Our Markets campaign:

RT @Bham_carfree: @BirminghamMail has an article about bike trains in the Go Green section. Our thanks to @katbaldwyn:

RT @birminghammail: Police put brakes on boy racer menaces in Sutton Coldfield - how about rest of Bham? Far too many!

Shared space design increases footfall: - which streets in Birmingham should have this?

RT @RichardHebditch: Excellent new website on evidence base for improving transport from @ptegSupportUnit:

RT @MikeChilds1: Report says electric cars pricier than conventional until 2030 but ignores social cost of carbon

RT @foeeurope: Victory! European court protects honey from #GMcontamination.http:// #monsanto

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