Friday, 23 September 2011

Weekly compilation 23.09.2011

This week's top stories relating to our campaigns can be seen collected from twitter below:

Energy & Climate Change
More and more concerned about this RT : Fracking industry will be minimally regulated in UK, letters reveal

RT : Tariffs so complicated we can't understand them Tell us your stories

RT : Blog: Is a fair transition to a low carbon economy possible?: Can carbon emissions be cut fast...

RT : Launch event & discussion for our Green Deal & Fuel Poverty report on11th Oct 5pm at BMI. All welcome.

How can we be subsidising climate change? RT : Leaked report: ditch fossil fuel subsidies

We need negative emissions not mad, bad, dangerous solar radiation management, see and listen to 9pm

RT : Blog: Councils and climate: good things come to those who huff and puff: A new role for the CCC:

RT : Birmingham considering £23m schools PV package

Very odd that suddenly wind power means we're giving money to foreign firms. I thought that was fossil fuels & nuclear:

Good letter from on high energy prices in today's: . Gov must do more to incentivise renewables

Trader Dave Everett and Cllr Paul Tilsley cross swords :

RT : Comment on the planned controversial changes to planning regs

Good blog on what will happen to urban areas if we allow developers to just focus on easier, more desirable Greenbelt:

No More - especially a popular pub! RT Protests at plans to turn Bham pub The Navigation into supermarket

Catch the piece on Bike Trains at 19 minutes into Midlands Today - thanks to Ben Godfrey for covering it:

Our Press release on yesterday's Bike Trains:

RT : is the place to be for cycling this Autumn.

Cheers Mandy RT : Blog: Car Free Day in Birmingham: join a bike train to work: Saddling up in the city

A final reminder for everyone to get on your bike this Thursday: RT All Aboard —

Waste & Recycling
RT : - future transport, waste, food, & alternative energies – 3 October -

Look who's in Birmingham Mail's Go Green section calling for separate food waste collections - it's only us:

Ten top tips for a beautiful food waste bin - let's hope people in Brum will be needing these soon - file away:

This is crucial, not just measuring carbon: RT : EU Resource efficiency roadmap published -

RT : Ultra-disingenuous of Vince to praise stimulus & Keynes while supporting Treasury-constrained Green Bank:

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