Friday, 30 September 2011

Weekly compilation 30.09.2011

Here's the latest update on what's been happening over the past 5 days:

Energy & Climate Change
RT @guardianeco: Renewable Heat Incentive withdrawn by government hours before launch

One of BCC's better ideas, definitely: Birmingham City Council plans to offer cheaper gas and electricity for families:

RT @Martin_Abrams: Fracking in Mendips 'may threaten Bath hot springs' #Climate #CO2 #Fracking

People who understand about battery technologies say this is v good news for electric cars & intermittent renewables:

Caroline Lucas talking sense on #NPPF & why it's even worse than forests sell off as indictment of greenest govt ever:

RT @mcrfoe: Stonehenge gets sponsored by tesco #localismbill

We know the countryside isn't yet safe with #planning reforms - what about urban open spaces? NPPF

Even if #planning protects #environment (?) Ministers now find new #housing is low quality + not low #Carbon #NPPF

Our press release on the cooking oil (or not) biofuels fiasco at Birmingham airport. Out of the deep fat fryer... :

RT @RichardHebditch: Our trustee John Stewart (chair of airport watch) has been refused entry to US for speaking tour on aviation campaigning:

RT @RoadPeace: 80mph - flawed cost-benefit analysis and skewed priorities puts people and planet at risk - again:

Freedom to let your dog poo everywhere, smoke where you want and drive like a madman #libertarianismgonemad:

400,000 women & their families could have their lives destroyed by biofuel used in Thomson flights from Bham airport:

For all the details on the biofuels flights from Bham airport, see@airportwatch:

Much needed in Birmingham: RT @livingstreets: Protect your pavement from inconsiderate #pavementparking

In this article they talk about damage by APD to inbound tourism, then give example of family flying to Florida - doh!

Baker simplifies 20mph zone rules: - need a lot more of these in Birmingham for people to feel safe cycling/walking

Free #Carbon permits for airlines worth €20bn. And the aviation industry claims it's not subsidised. #climate

Waste & Recycling
Why doesn't he give local choice? RT @guardianeco: £250m weekly bin collections fund is what people want, says Pickles

"Feeling sickened? Just lean over the wheelie bin, and Pickles will be along to collect it within the week."

For some reason we've been asked to comment more on 5p bag charge than other stories: - need tougher laws on packaging.

Speaking about #talkingrubbish - why would anyone think we need more incinerators? We need a tax on incineration:

RT @leohickman: I'm assuming @EricPickles never read my article about German town with nation's best recycling rates

Very nice and great to see garden flourishing RT @northfieldeco: Pop in and see... RT B31blog New mural at eco centre -

RT @mwarhurst: New #EU study: conflict areas linked to natural resources: #war 3#africa #jrc

RT @LocaliseWM: Just finished LWM autumn newsletter. Hope you can find a moment to enjoy reading it. - well worth it.

If you thought Greece's economic debt was bad, what about the world's ecological debt:

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