Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Reasons to join a Bike Train #4


Do you find that the days all look alike? Joining the bike train will not only improve your mood and stave off depression, it is a great way of getting to know your colleagues better and meeting new people! The bike trains event brings together people from all over Birmingham but also people from your area. It's easy to meet like-minded people and potentially find someone you could regularly go cycling with. Cycling is an incredibly sociable activity, and one you can get a lot out of, although if you want some time to yourself, it's easy to just focus on your surroundings and take in the excitement!

Organisation is the key...

Another thing is that instead of losing your free time through travelling by car or train, and going separately to the gym, you could neatly combine the two (thus saving time AND money!). Cycling on a regular basis gets you the exercise your body needs in order to stay youthful and alert. More likely than not, you'll find you'll also save time and money through not having to go to the doctor or chemist's; cyclists are definitely less likely to be struck down by illness, research has shown.

Did you know...? A study by academics at the University of Utrecht in The Netherlands has found that the health and other benefits associated with cycling outweigh the potential risks such as being involved in a road traffic accident or exposure to air pollution.

Don't forget too, that you would be able to interact with your environment and experience Birmingham in a completely different way: seeing buildings, trees, sky, other people and shops up close and colourful. The benefits of stimulating both your mind and body in this way are immense. Cyclists frequently talk about the feeling of freedom, the energy boost it gives you, the feeling of being in the fresh air and seeing places you normally wouldn't when driving. Joining one of the bike trains would give you the chance to experience this for yourself and test out whether it could work for you on a day-to-day basis.

You as a person become far more interesting, perceptive and fulfilled, because you are constantly being stimulated in a positive way. (Of course, cycling isn't the only activity that can make you 'interesting', but it certainly is fun and easy to integrate into your everyday life!) There's a good reason people as diverse as Matt Damon, Albert Einstein, Kylie Minogue, Brad Pitt are (or were) into it.

Or, as a group of cyclists from Lancaster put it when asked the question “What's the best thing about cycling?" for a survey:

Well, by nature I’m a couch potato. By making cycling my normal way of getting around I at least get some exercise in a normal day. Furthermore I like the way getting that exercise is integrated into something else I have to do anyway (getting to work) and then finally it’s just a fun thing to do in its own right. It feels good.”

Waving at the motorists stuck on the Skerton Bridge! Also keeping fit and feeling full of energy.”

Feeling of freedom.”

Exercise whilst commuting. Racing down a hillside.

Feeling of freedom. Keeps me fit.

Lots of things. I enjoy the fresh air and exercise and knowing that it is good for the environment

Beautiful views.”

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