Monday, 21 November 2011

weekly compilation 21.11.11

Here's our regular feature, which gives you a round up of some of the most relevant news stories to our work picked up from twitter over the last week:

Energy & Climate Change
RT @wwwfoecouk: Greenhouse gas levels hit new high: - we're hurtling towards climate disaster

brilliant RT @wwwfoecouk Cameron's words come back to haunt him as workers respond to plans to kill off #solar industry

Npower fined again: Energy company fined over customer complaints

God joins campaign to save solar Feed-in Tariffs (well, the Church of England does)

Mass lobby of Parliament on 22nd November in response to #FITchaos - details here - see you there!

RT @guardianeco: Liberal Democrats prepare to revolt over solar subsidies crackdown

Has climate economics evolved much since Stern Report? See my blog on @SEIclimate report at

RT @tealgreen68: Ben Goldsmith lays out the general argument for renewables subsidies well in Economist debate:

RT @wwwfoecouk: Blog: A new word drills its way into our consciousness: 'Fracking' is one of the top words of 2011:

RT @TreeHugger: Wind Power to be as Cheap as Natural Gas by 2016 via @bcmerchant

RT @uSwitchUK: What do you think about #nuclear power?@wwwfoecouk & Nuclear Industry Association put cases forward:

RT @nukereaction: 'Eccentric' nuclear plans threaten UK's part in renewables revolution, expert warns

Localism Bill becomes law: Missed opportunity to plan for a better future

RT @Roads2Nowhere: Traffic levels are falling. Build on this trend, not on the countryside! > Or useful city spaces!

We also used the peak car and falling car usage arguments in our submission on low carbon transport to BCC last week:

Bitter airline rivals fly the same flag to fight tax rise. APD might rise by 25% in 2012 in Chancellor's budget

Government must stand firm on Air Passenger Duty: Airlines lobby Ministers for further tax…

Some good news for North Brum: RT @birminghammail Work starts on bike route scheme in Erdington and Sutton Coldfield

HT @alexcburrows Absolutely shocking that govt not willing to give money for Midland rail projects, only SE!! #rail

RT @KingsHeathRF: Next residents' forum meeting 6th Dec at Community Centre - any thoughts on how to improve traffic issues in High Street?

Our press statement about the fuel duty debate is now up on the website:

RT @wwwfoecouk: Brits bin food worth £12bn each year: 60% fine to eat & rest could feed animals or make compost:

We are one with those who raise their voices against corporate greed & who speak out for social equity... #occupy #99%

We have some things to be thankful for. At least our govt would never class pizza as a vegetable, would they?

RT @theneweconomics The UK's economic problems are domestic, not international: >that's right- green investment needed.

A Christmas ad to send shivers down your spine. Remember Buy Nothing Day is next Saturday 26th November:

Just how much meat can eco-citizens eat? > No mention here of better farming practices, though.

Event: Greening the Green Deal: 30 Nov 7pm for West Mids communities to feed in to Green Deal consultation

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