Monday, 4 July 2011

Glorious Glasto!

Every Glastonbury, Birmingham Friends of the Earth make their way down to the festival armed with a coach full of volunteers and lots of tea.

Birmingham FoE provide a free property lock up service and those of you who have been to festivals before will know how extremely rare it is to get anything for free there!

The lock up service allows all of the Glasto goers to leave their valuables in the safe hands of BFoE until they want it back. There are lots of lock ups situated around the site for the different camping locations and you can leave absolutely anything; keys, money, chairs, trolleys etc. They are open for business at 8:00am on Wednesday until 4:00pm on the Monday and they are staffed by the volunteers all day and night.

We also give out lots of loo roll, as you can see!

This year was my second Glastonbury with Birmingham Friends of the Earth. While I was there I worked a total of 24 hours, but still got to do and see so much. Though there's nothing about it that feels like work, everyone is there for the same reasons and it creates a really great atmosphere within the camp. Volunteering with BFoE at Glastonbury was great fun; I meet loads of fantastic people, watched some brilliant live performances and helped raise money for future BFoE campaigns and events!

Rosie Cervelli

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