Thursday, 30 June 2011

Weekly compilation 30.06.2011

Here's the latest collection of stories collected from twitter arranged by campaign theme:

Energy & Climate Change
Demand a better #energybill - the current one isn't good enough and won't tackle fuel poverty: #fuelpovbrum

Uh oh! Energy security and CO2 both very important: RT @guardianeco: Electricity companies switch from gas to coal

Was getting hypnotised by this monitor showing how much energy being produced by solar panels on Balsall Heath church:

Guardian: Govt urged to stop homes leaking heat #greenestgovtever

RT @YourHotTopics: Want to know more about #smartmeters ? Check out the latest @EnergySvgTrust advice here

RT @wwwfoecouk: MPs slam 'unacceptable' World Bank spending on fossil fuel power plants in developing countries -

Aren't floods, cancer and infant mortality enough to stop Hinkley nuclear proposal?

New blog post on Fuel Poverty in Birmingham after yesterday's #fuelpovbrum meeting:

RT @wwwfoecouk: Supplies dwindling. prices rising. Europe and the US releasing emergency supplies. Where next for oil?

Wow! Last year was " the hottest, wettest, and in many cases also the driest and coldest in recorded history"!!!

Local Shops & Food
New blog post on the @superstirchley meeting on Tuesday, why & how people should object to ASDA's planning application:

RT @SuperStirchley: Bloomin' cheeky twisting of words by ASDA in their planning docs: - typical of their behaviour!

Have people heard about Urban Harvest? Check out the info on @loafonline's website about it here and get involved:

RT @SoilAssociation: Junk food adverts really do make children hungry for unhealthy meals, say researchers.

RT @SoilAssociation: Sign declaration to end the use of cloning in food production in Europe @CloneFreeFood campaign:

Lovely positive story: RT @BirminghamPress: “Kings Heath: edible gardening hub of Birmingham” according to @AlysFowler.

RT @hidschow: new UN food chief says financial markets has "contaminated commodity markets" #foodspeculation

No oil left? RT @AAPresident: EC official tells me they are determined to phase out all petrol/diesel cars by 2050 but couldn't explain how

Financial argument of anti- #HS2 camp is tricky. Are they saying don't spend on transport & give to students & public sector, instead?#J30 Seems that this advert is trying to appeal to those people: yet does propose improving rail facilities.

Shipping emissions could be as big a problem as aviation unless regulated. Not looking promising, though:

RT @AndrewSimms_nef: I like this 'Free Range Children', promoted by @sustrans, but hope they don't intend to eat them.

A sad lesson to think about from Spain when we think about #HS2, airport expansion and road-building:

This letter to the FT on #HS2 makes some very good points. Totally disagree with the way it's been handled by govt:

"Four Million Britons Give up Flying Due to Airport Stress" seems very hard to believe, sadly:

So councillors want to ensure there's more space for cars in city centre now? Thought we wanted to reduce congestion:

Birmingham Critical Mass has been growing recently. Wonder if they'll make 100 people this month:

How about communal bins for the remaining waste after food is taken out for composting - could be a good solution?

It'd be great to have a zero waste shop like this in Birmingham, although @TheOneEarthShop is close on some items:

RT @GeorgeMonbiot: This week's blog post: Sustainable cities must be compact and high-density.
RT @GeorgeMonbiot: Killer graph posted in response to my blog post by EwanB: Tells the story better than words could.

Very robust response from David Boyle to @GeorgeMonbiot's article earlier on us needing dense cities to be green:

"Returning to the Big City Plan" a blog post mentioning our work on this as well as the plain English version:

RT @Magpiemoth: Places available for fantastic West Mids Friends of the Earth Gathering, Bham this weekend:

RT @wwwfoecouk: Blog: Our biggest annual event open for bookings: Book now for our annual conference

RT @wwwfoecouk: Does my bum look big in this? Campaign for new ethical law to make shopping easier

It's not all about CO2, other resources are stretched, too: RT @guardianeco: Global water stress - interactive

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