Monday, 27 June 2011

Weekly compilation 24.06.2011

Here's another of our weekly round-ups of news that relates to our campaigns in some way:

RT @cyclingmobility: Analysis of highway design from cyclist’s view. Let us know ur thoughts!

RT @birminghampost: Warwickshire County Council to object to #HS2 plans

RT @beleben: How #Bickenhill parkway station illustrates the fundamental #flaws in the #HS2 concept #disconnectivity

Surprised Bham only 13th most congested city -urgently needs investment in public transport, cycling infrastructure etc

World Bank and OECD have recommended removing support for biofuels, yet the aviation industry continues obliviously:

RT @sustrans: Encouraging more people to get on their bikes should be applauded not ridiculed *applauds Wales*

RT @philiploy: NHS looking for community members looking at promotion of walking and cycling by Fri 8 July

RAC has revealed some great news. People starting to think about car use more. Just need to make alternatives easier:

RT @sustrans: Sustrans & CTC join other environment & safety groups to fight Govt plans for longer lorries on UK roads:

Glad that Stephen Joseph highlighted the problems with parkway stations and #HS2 yesterday - huge problems with plan:

Cllrs & planning officers being misled by exaggerated claims that expansion of airports will create lots of extra jobs:

Flying in the face of the facts - FoE Europe's report on biofuels and the aviation industry:

Many can't afford holidays this year, almost as bad for the British tourism industry as subsidised cheap flights:

Zero waste or zero ambition - has the Waste Review delivered? No, but we can still push locally:

Energy & Climate Change
RT @wwwfoecouk: Citizens across the world oppose #nuclearpower - new poll #climatechange

@northfieldeco Are you doing anything for Zero Carbon Britain Day?

RT @lucianaberger: Every Tory and Lib Dem on the #energybill cttee just voted against the Warm Home and Local Carbon Budget amendments

RT @wwwfoecouk: Please sign the petition for local carbon cuts: #energybill

RT @guardianeco: Germany's nuclear phase-out will cause UK emissions to fall, report says

RT @wwwfoecouk: Cameron must tackle Tory MEPs over climate vote: Tory MEPs revolt over proposed 30% EU emissions cuts

Local Shops
RT @traidcraft: Supermarkets try to delay setting up Adjudicator

RT @wwwfoecouk: US & Brazil scupper G20 action on #biofuels - despite expert food prices warning:

Trial of anti-aphid GM wheat awaits government green light:

RT @PigBusiness: New article in local paper ahead of tomorrow's town hall meeting we're hosting with @SoilAssociation

Embarrassed, at all? RT @businessdeskwm: Friday Funnies: Whitby out of tune with the times!

Great comment by Paul de Zylva on govt making "sustainable development" meaninglessness after this planning blog post:

Nice of the government to clear up what sustainability is:

Blog: Brum-Hilde - street opera comes to Birmingham: Opera singers highlight environment with Save the Diva

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