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Weekly compilation 08.07.2011

Energy & Climate Change
RT @wwwfoecouk: Blog: Counting the cost of energy production: How can we follow Germany's lead and go green?

RT @wwwfoecouk: Wind turbines: could they blow the Earth into the Sun? The Onion investigates

It's a bit heavy on Harry Potter references, but still an excellent response to Monbiot on #nuclear from Alan Simpson:

RT @Greenpeace: Nuclear Delusions - some straight talk from Rex Weyler on the realities of nuclear power

Global warming lull down to China's coal growth, but if you start in '97, '99 or longer ago there is warming, anyway:

RT @corporateeurope: How the 30% carbon target was defeated by the business lobby (and the Conservatives)

RT @WMCCE: Birmingham council plans £1.3bn of Green Deal work

Local Shops & Food
How could you lock these lovely animals in factory farms? RT @SoilAssociation: thought @notinmycuppa would love this!

We have submitted our official response to the planning application for an ASDA in Stirchley: - feel free to use parts.

Let's not let them ruin more: RT @birminghampost: Asda given permission to buy up Birmingham country park land:

KFC to help fight obesity in Bham? What next - Rupert Murdoch to oversee moral standards in the press?

RT @BirminghamPress: The Anchor’s Organic Beer Festival is showcasing an even wider range of drinks this year:

Monsanto under SEC probe for incentives:

'What a waste!' Birmingham waste roundtable discussion Thur 14 July 6pm: Contact @chamberlainfo for an invitation:

UK Without Incineration (UKWIN) have produced a good briefing on the government's waste review:

RT @AirportWatch: Green groups warn Government over aviation CO2 emissions as major new report launched. Must heed CCC.

RT @sustrans: Newspaper asks if you support call for 20mph. Find out why slower speeds work & vote

Briefing by @wwwfoecouk on #HS2 has been updated: with comprehensive list of priorities for transport over next 5 yrs.

"Only one per cent of almost 30,000 people invited to take part said they backed #HS2": when BCC claims a majority!!

Offsetting is not enough, but prices must reflect environmental impact of flying: if cannot be done, don't fly.

RT @RichardHebditch: Central gov to include travel in CO2 reduction targets for its own activities for 1st time: (more walking to meetings?)

RT @AirportWatch: Carbon price crash warning - predicted oversupply of 1.9 bn tonnes of carbon permits by 2020 in ETS

Should airline tickets have "Danger: Air Travel Damages the Planet's Health" warnings on them?

RT @BCCNewsRoom: £6.47m Boost to Cycling in North Birmingham announced at Council meeting: #cycling #bike

Interesting: RT @jonwalker121: Boris Johnson's letter in full - why London's mayor opposes HS2:

RT @wwwfoecouk Minute particles from traffic killing or shortening lives of as many people as pea souper smogs of 1950s

Bishop of Brum says we've lost our moral compass. Hear, hear

Very strong critique of the treasury's policies on green taxes and subsidies as UK gets left behind:

If you're going to @larmertreefest next week, remember to use our free property lockups & phone-charging facilities:

New article on our website about Project EARTH - the successor to our Faith & Climate Change project (@FandCC):

We agree with this: RT @birminghampost: Post Comment: Salma Yaqoob's decision is a sad day for Birmingham

"Rethinking work is critical to ... a Great Transition to a genuinely sustainable economy, society and environment":

Lots of festivals on this weekend, including Kings Norton: alongside the farmers market there.

RT @wwwfoecouk: Do you know an inspiring campaigner or group? You could nominate them for an Earthmover award.

Left wing? Right wing? or just green? - I don't think we'd have the support we do if we were just secret communists

RT @wwwfoecouk: Kenyan villagers vow to fight biofuels land grab that's causing homelessness and wildlife loss

New blog post on the #Glasto experience volunteering for us working on property lockups:

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