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The Week's News Gathered Together 15.04.2011

I send this collection of the things I've tweeted through the week to our campaigners, but thought it might be worth putting it up here too for anyone else who's interested. I hope you find it something of interest here, but please note that this is just a snapshot from what I manage to collect, not guaranteed to be fully comprehensive:

Energy & Climate Change
Excellent to see Good Energy supporting FoE's Energy Bill campaigning:

RT @guardianeco: Biodiversity cause still lags behind climate change - despite UN's attempts | Ben Bryant

RT @TennerFilms: Ha! This made me chuckle :-) RT @UCSUSACARTOON: arguments against #nuclear, #oil, #coal & #wind energy

Messages from Japanese citizens to the world. #japan #nuclear

RT @wwwfoecouk: Join in the ongoing #nuclear debate live on @TheEconomist website

RT @ali_mfoe: Kenneth Richer from @wwwfoecouk calls to scrap targets: RT @BBCNews EU's #biofuel targets 'unethical'

RT @grist: Japan could rebuild faster with renewables, says report

RT @HallGreenCND: Candlelight vigil to remember Chernobyl (or should that be Fukushima?) 25.4. 8-9.30 pm, Victoria Sq.

There's a guest article from our newsletter about what Aston University are doing to go green:

Very strongly argued: RT @guardianeco: How nuclear apologists mislead the world over radiation | Helen Caldicott

Local Shops & Food
Good analysis of survey figures here: RT @bfpeas: Our Attitude to Sustainable Food: #agrichatuk

Our school children need basic food prep lessons.Unless we act NOW the gov will take off curriculum. Hours left only

RT @the_ecologist: Milk: why the white stuff leaves a bad taste in the mouth

RT @birminghampost: Tesco supermarket plan for Stirchley causes fears among local residents

RT @Bebirmingham: Green restaurants: it's time to bid for awards!

Good luck to Woodhouse Community Farm in their efforts "to give it sustainable and valuable future":

Learn more about guerilla gardening on our website:

Tesco Bullies its way into Moseley - article from this month's newsletter up on website:

A rather lovely new blog post by Roxanne our campaigns coordinator on #cider-making and tasting the fruits at last:

RT @wwwfoecouk: Fossil fuels and meat & dairy farming causing costly nitrogen pollution – new research

Don't think this limited to supermarkets: RT @TEEB4ME: Food from the sky! The future of more sustainable supermarkets?

As well as rainforest areas: RT @guardianeco: Crops for animal feed destroying Brazilian savannah, WWF warns

RT @wwwfoecouk: EU green fuel tax plans welcomed

“I hope the Govt’s new thinking will encourage others to take a fresh look at their travel habits” - yes, fly less!

"Rising Oil Prices and the Threat to the Aviation Industry" - a new blog post by Danielle:

If you thought 400 km/h #HS2 trains were a bad idea, what about a 250 km/h bus?

And another good post on cycling and urgent action needed to protect them from lorries:

Good post here on cycling, but despicable comments as usual. Some people have no sense of perspective!

"Money is being taken from things that benefit everyone ... to benefit big corporations and business travellers":

Very odd figures! £2600 for each "working" family in the West Mids - how, when over what period? Need #factcheck:

RT @ENJOQUEEN: Public perceptions of aviation and the environment need to be turned around, says UK CAA chief on ..

New blog post by Danielle looking at the topic "Is Dangerous Cycling a Problem in Birmingham?"

Good to meet @joelycett the other day and chat about buses. He's now got a blog going on his campaign - check it out:

RT @SaveOurBuses_UK: Philip Hammond has written to tell us some bus cuts are ‘disappointing’. So what is he going to do?

Wide ranging comment piece in @theeconomist on cycling, including the new law on dangerous cyclists and road space:

One of many streets where traffic is travelling too fast in Birmingham: We need safer streets:

RT @wwwfoecouk: Increase in fortnightly bin collections welcomed #ignorepickles #talkingrubbish

Plastic-Bag Bans Gaining Momentum Around the World #green #sustainability #zerowaste

@Bham_FOE I'm organising a bike meet this Sunday, anyone welcome & bring a picnic. More info on pls RT?

Thanks for the promo: RT @BirminghamiNS Guerilla sunflower planting with FoE May 1st —

We agree with CBT about Enterprise Zones and ensuring they don't repeat previous mistakes: -tell @EricPickles if you do

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