Thursday, 28 April 2011

28th April news round up

Here's my collection of stories from our twitter feed over this week. Putting the last one up on here had some good feedback, so I'll post it again:

Energy & Climate Change

Blog: Cameron's Climate Change Act under threat?: UK deregulation drive threatens Cameron's Climate Change Act:

RT @scccoalition: Fuel poverty has increased in recent years Is your MP working to banish #coldtimes ?#energybill

RT @wwwfoecouk: We've blown up a huge white elephant outside Parliament to say no to nuclear power - check it out:

New post on our blog by Soraya about keeping it hot in the bedroom:

RT @HallGreenCND: Excellent Candlelit vigil for #Chernobyl, Victoria Square, yesterday. Blog post appearing soon.

RT @carbonbrief: Carbon emissions 'hidden' in imported goods, the Beeb reports on Carbon Trust research

RT @foeint: [Blog] Say no to increase in 'safe' levels of radiation for children.

Food, Waste and Local Shops

News of our Big Green Spring Fair on 28th May is now up on the website:

RT @buynothingday: Its OK for the free market to work for Tesco, but not for savvy shoppers?

RT @LocaliseWM: Just what we need. More CPOs wiping out BVSC & indie shop in Digbeth - for a **** #Tesco. Why can't BCC learn from past:

RT @wwwfoecouk: Supermarkets still using too much packaging – Govt must aim to halve waste by 2020 #talkingrubbish

Missed @res_publica report on localism & high street earlier this month. Good ideas on protecting retail diversity

If Copenhagen are burning too much plastic, what about us? "Plastic surgery for Copenhagen’s recycling policy"

RT @TheB44: @Bham_FOE you may like this article about local shops in Kingstanding: - Thanks, yes we do.

ACTION There is a ready-made response to the #HS2 consultation on the @wwwfoecouk website: - please use it if you agree.

The end of the age of speed? - would be nice for people to slow down and think about sustainability more.

A sign of the times for regional airports, hopefully; Plymouth airport is closing as financially not viable:

Are any schools in Birmingham taking part in "Free Your Feet" week?

RT @RichardHebditch: Campaign for Better Transport press release on today's changes to transport appraisal system:

RT @ptegSupportUnit: Abolition of Cycling England threatens cycling investment see for report & event

RT @BirminghamPress: Are parts of our public transport network a no-go zone? #transport #buses #midlandstravel

RT @the_ecologist: How trams could save us from the ‘tyranny of the car’

Birmingham Airport reported to the Serious Fraud Office:

£570 000 = a lot to add extra 164 parking spaces? RT @BBCBirmingham: Station near Birmingham gets park and ride revamp:

RT @wwwfoecouk: Why we need stronger planning laws and a localism bill that allows local people to have their say

RT @peopleandplanet: Bham Anti-Sweatshop training days: learn, live link up with Dominican Republic activists, act.

Pleased to see that #donaldtrumpisabellend is trending. Very well deserved after what he says here:

The next social media surgery in central Birmingham is on 10th May:

Please vote yes to AV and then we can all go to the pub to celebrate: #yestoAV

This seems like a real shame: surely, some of the equipment would have been reusable: #castlevale #bcc

RT @jonwalker121: Interesting read from @politicalhackuk First fruits of the LEP - the Birmingham Enterprise Zone

RT @LocaliseWM: 'Beyond Con-dem-nation' 24th May, B'ham. Planners Network UK meeting: future of planning & how to deal with it All welcome

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