Friday, 21 October 2011

Weekly compilation 21.10.11

Here is our weekly news update with some of the most relevant stuff we've picked up from twitter:

Energy and Climate Change
Have you signed @wwwfoecouk's petition to stop the energy company rip-off? Thought so, but we need a #finaldemand

RT @wwwfoecouk: 2,700 die a yr in cold homes Need inquiry into Big 6 & clean #energy #FinalDemand

RT @TheNewDeal: Top Climate Change Skeptics Admit Climate Change is Real, Science is Right Rt #OWS #p2

For those of you in London or within easy reach, there's a protest against biofuels fuelling climate meltdown tomorrow:

So if Shell want to keep global temp rise below 2 degrees, are they going to stop core business? Will Tesco change?

RT @the_ecologist: Ignore the sceptics, the 'peak oil brigade' is right #peakoil #climatechange #oiladdiction

RT @MikeChilds1: we need CCS for biomass & air capture if any hope of avoiding dangerous climate change, see

RT @EnergySvgTrust: Fuel poverty report concerning... Take advantage of free/ subsidised insulation across the UK

93.8% of respondents to poll on whether Govt is doing enough to bring down household energy prices, agree they're not:

RT @pauldezylva: Hot air: #energy summit was a wasted opportunity coming up with nothing new. #coldcomfort #fuelpoverty

Sea levels will continue to rise for 500 years:

You really should watch the video on the @wwwfoecouk website of Monday's #finaldemand campaign launch:

We thought the Selly Oak by-pass was attempting to deal with congestion, so why build new development with 1750 car-parking spaces there?
See the plans for Selly Oak regeneration (excluding the promised work to the canal) here and see what you think:

So, govt has abolished regional spatial planning strategies and claims their policies will protect green belt!

Here councillors talk as if it's happening: RT @Bournvilleward: ASDA drops plans for road entrance on Pershore Road

Good write-up of Friday's #savebhammarkets meeting:

"Developing a Sustainable Framework for UK Aviation" - see our response to the consultation:

This report says 40% of business leaders say airport expansion would have a positive effect - the other 60% don't then:

RT @Walkonomics: On days off, William and Kate use bike hire to get around #London #bikeshare #cycling

More rubbish on the need for airports in the UK economy and the huge increase in flights we could suffer in Birmingham:

New guidance on the design of shared space streets:

@guardianeco: Will the High Speed 2 rail line reduce emissions?

Good to see that 68% in this poll say there should be no expansion of London airports: - none here either, please!

If the EU ETS ... forces airlines to reduce their carbon emissions the EU is to be congratulated on a bold move:

RT @Road_Safety_GB: Concern for cyclists following longer trailer announcement -

Hope that Justine Greening is the person to green the transport agenda in the UK - the opposite of Hammond:

Waste & Recycling
Has anyone looked at the Birmingham Civic Dashboard and come up with any conclusions about its usefulness?

Some good news - it seems people at the council are paying attention to what we're saying about waste: #halverubbish

New post on the blog about campaigning vs taking part in consultations:

Government getting closer to be being "worse than Bush" on the@guardianeco Greenometer now:

RT @MikeChilds1: nationalise energy companies, insulate homes or scrap green taxes - Telegraph poll; - guess the winner

RT @danielvockins: In case you missed it: Sacha Baron Cohen in character as his latest creation Lord Monckton

RT @loafonline: Wish I could make it to the Edible Eastside opening today: - yes looks good.

Putting the clocks back is daylight robbery. Let’s have more #daylight in our lives. Join via @1010

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