Friday, 7 October 2011

weekly compilation 07.10.11

Here are the news stories relevant to our campaigns that we picked up through the twittersphere over the last week:

Weren't expecting to be in the Daily Mail, but there is our quote alongside naked @planestupid protestors: #biofuels

Looks like road-building schemes are firmly back on the agenda now, unfortunately:

RT @birminghammail: Will a Fat Tax solve Brum's obesity crisis? - not on its own -more active transport/fewer cars, too

RT @birminghammail: Just added: Designer of Spaghetti Junction blasts plans to increase speeds to 80 mph

Airlines can be charged for carbon pollution, court rules: - that's better. Now what about paying fair share of tax?

RT @Earth_News: Green campaigners condemn Thomson Airways' biofuels flight @guardian

RT @wwwfoecouk: Environmental benefits as cash-strapped drivers cut petrol use by 15% #transport #fuel

In the fast lane to climate change: enforcing current limits & bringing in 20mph on residential roads is what's needed.

RT @AirportWatch: Airlines urged to throttle back on seat capacity due to lower demand this winter, or lose money:

At least they are protecting some potential sites for re-opening rail lines. Shame they didn't with Frankley:

RT @BirminghamPress: Birmingham Friends of the Earth calls for a scrapping of all biofuel targets

RT @BirminghamPress: As part of the SAVE OUR MARKETS campaign there will be a public meeting #Birmingham

RT @BrumLife: Birmingham residents consulted on Tyseley £60m revamp plan #Birmingham

RT @pauldezylva: Latest ministerial attacks on #green NGOs over #planning #NPPF @AndrewLainton

RT @wwwfoecouk: Tory Nimbies: the Ministers backing #planningreforms who opposed developments in own back yards #NPPF

Our "What A Waste" report, written in conjunction with@chamberlainfo, is now available to download from our website:

We revealed these shocking facts about Birmingham's Big Burner, the Tyseley Incinerator at the Sustainability Forum.

Doubt Bham has 87% satisfaction rates with its waste collection system: #foodwaste #weeklycollections #talkingrubbish

RT @christineburns: Poster: She needs a maternity unit NOT a weekly bin collection:

Energy & Climate Change
RT @MikeChilds1: Do read new research published by Royal Society on a 4 degree world: - rich pickings for journos

RT @wwwfoecouk: Policy isn't green! Over 100 top scientists & economists call on EU to account for #biofuel emissions

RT @guardianeco: Can the Conservatives weaken the UK's carbon reduction targets? | Damian Carrington

RT @wwwfoecouk: EU admits oil from #tarsands is dirtier than conventional crude oil #climatechange #energy

"The Chancellor clearly can't do his sums" but luckily Birmingham city council can and want more renewable energy:

RT @carbonbrief: Osborne attacks impact of green measures on energy bills - where is he getting his numbers from?

New report finds Shell complicit in human rights abuses: - We should do all we can to protect Nigerian people.

So, can we have energy-saving gadgets? RT @guardianeco: Energy bills & emissions still rising due to gadget addiction;

RT @robinhood: Stand with #OccupyWallSt and demand real democracy! Send a message of support:

New blog post "Being Negative All the Time?":

RT @LocaliseWM: Still places at our Community Land Trust training day with @community_land Oct 19th in Birmingham.

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