Friday, 26 August 2011

Weekly compilation 26.08.2011

Once again, we've put together a compilation of all our most interesting tweets from the week according to campaign theme:

Energy & Climate Change
RT @wwwfoecouk: Parliament gives green light to polluting power - MPs approve guidance for future power projects

RT @mark_lynas: Why peak fossil fuels won't save us from #climatechange - vast unconventional gas+oil opening up:

BMI, Wednesday 21st Sept at 7.00 pm there's a meeting about setting up a new energy saving cooperative:

Some very useful lessons learnt on an eco-refurb here: Hope it inspires others to do the same.

A bit close to the bone: RT @newsbiscuit: Government science advisors to be replaced by tabloid columnists

If only Bham would follow the lead of this council leader from Rutland protecting high streets from supermarkets:

RT @wwwfoecouk: Government wildlife protection lacks action - is their new strategy enough to protect wildlife?

RT @BrumLife: Bore: we need a markets guarantee #Birmingham #SaveBhamMarkets - What good is it by the motorway?

RT @wholesalegurru: Ladywood MP gets behind the Support Our Markets Campaign on tour of Digbeth: #SaveBhamMarkets

Birmingham Friends of the Earth Support Campaign to Save Birmingham's Historic Markets:

You can now register for our Bike Trains on the website. Please do, so we know how many people to expect:

RT @AirportWatch: Government admits 'without further action' flagship aviation climate target will be missed:

RT @AirportWatch: DfT response to CCC report on reducing aviation emissions to 2050 published. Considerable growth.

RT @brumcyclist: No easy ride for Birmingham Cyclists (Birmingham Post)

RT @citycyclists: New eco developments in UK design out cycling and walking. People in UK not given choice NOT to drive

Pensioners and disabled to lose half-price coach travel in govt cuts:

RT @FairFaresNow: Tourism in UK at risk due to high fares - 78% think UK rail journeys over 100 miles are too expensive

RT @Bham_carfree: Reasons to join a Bike Train No. 1 - Clean Air: #biketrains #airpollution

The Train Arriving in Birmingham Shortly Will be made up of Bikes:

RT @HACAN1: This is a good article from Christian Wolmar A blueprint for a new British railway - Telegraph

RT @Bham_carfree: Here's a good reason to join us for our bike trains - good for the economy and for health:

Waste & Recycling
RT @myzerowaste: Are you signed up to reduce your #waste? Join in with #nzww frm 5th Sept

RT @bbcmtd: Reward points to boost recycling - Are nectar points really going to help?

Our response to the nectar points for recycling project is up on Birmingham Recycled:

RT @Earth_News: Recycling rates highest in fortnightly rubbish collection areas, study shows @guardian

In a food chain dominated by centralisation, the wholesale market must be preserved: #SaveBhamMarkets

Challenging blog post from @marcreeves on divides in Birmingham that most only notice when there are #riots: #wearebrum

Birmingham International Film Society put on some very good films and have a human rights festival:

RT @Bebirmingham: Birmingham Environmental Partnership #SustainabilityForum 3rd October 2011. for details

Good article with new director of the Soil Association talking about changing the way organic food is seen:

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