Thursday, 11 August 2011

Weekly compilation 11.08.2011

This week's compilation of stories is not quite as long as usual, as rioting has dominated the news and our thoughts are with all the people whose families and livelihoods have been affected by the events this week. The environment is still the biggest concern for the future of all our children, though, as if we don't deal with our CO2 emissions and runaway climate change takes hold, there will be more than just riots to worry about.

Energy & Climate Change
Thom Yorke has been posting about Tar Sands and astro-turfing on the Radiohead website:

RT @HACAN1: Bishop of Liverpool; combating climate-change is a matter of "climate justice". Big aviation implications.

RT @GreenFeed: CAMP FRACK 17th-18th September: Campaign against Climate Change - CAMP FRACK...

RT @Act4Renewables: Offshore wind farms are good for wildlife, study finds.

New Avaaz petition for EU sanctions on Syrian Oil:

Write to Greg Clark to ask for an improved planning framework. Planning is not only about economic issues:

RT @BirminghamPress: Campaigners Fight Birmingham’s Out of Town Supermarket Plans:

Government's Failing to Back Greener Travel:

Birmingham trains most overcrowded during afternoon rush hour: - lots of demand for local services, so fund them!

RT @SaveOurBuses_UK: Transport select committee report on cuts to buses out today. We agree with call for urgent action

RT @Bham_carfree: We now have a facebook event for our Bike Trains on 22nd September: please join us #biketrains

RT @AirportWatch: BMI blames Mid East unrest & rising fuel bills for £105m losses in 1st half of 2011, worse than 2010

RT @AirportWatch: EC extends probe on possible improper state aid at European regional airports: - What about #bhx?

*facepalm* leading petition on govt website now is one to make petrol cheaper: because, of course, oil's an infinite resource!

Waste & Recycling
RT @foeeurope: "#EU entirely dependent on imports for large number of rare metals". Most can be recycled. Why don't we?

70% recycling rate - something for Birmingham to aim for: - need to separate food waste:

Take action to preserve extremely important European habitat - Sumava national park and forest in Czech Republic:

RT @wwwfoecouk: UK organic farmland shrank by 3% in 2010 - time to shake up CAP funding to give organic practi… (cont)

RT @digbeth: New DiG blog post, Local independent businesses damaged by disturbances -

RT @RSPBMidlands: National Allotments Week starts today! Check out #RSPB tips for wildlife friendly gardening:

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