Friday, 6 January 2012

weekly compilation 06.01.2012

Here's our first news round up of the new year:

Tories and Labour renew backing for GM food crops: - here's why they're wrong:

RT @guardianeco: An early spring may be bad news for honey-poor bees
"I would much rather make films which are simply unadulterated pleasure in the natural world" Attenborough on #climate:
Please take action with @marinetuk's campaign to "Help stop fish extinction":

Energy & Climate Change
RT @wwwfoecouk: Court of Appeal schedules Friday 13th as Judgment Day for #solar battle:
"the three unlimited sources of wealth we have – people, ingenuity and renewable energy" lovely positive article:
Excellent plan - preserving Sarehole Mill's sluice gates and potentially generating electricity:
RT @MikeChilds1: Great post on threat of methane releases at Real Climate basic conclusion it's CO2 that matters
RT @pauldezylva: "Environmental Taliban": lost argument on #planning + cut to #FITs, so #GreenestGovtNever resorts to name calling. Classy
Great news management by the pro-nuclear lobby? We certainly hadn't heard that!
Unseasonal activity in Birmingham – and Met Office data: - who knows what weather will bring, but global temp rising.
Our first blog post of the new year is about sewage and gas. Start as you mean to go on, eh?

Birmingham council: value and nurture the markets – central to the health and vitality of the city: RT @SamwiseBaggie: RT @MDFOXY
Birmingham folk - please take 5 mins to oppose demolition of Island house -comments here:

RT @Roads2Nowhere: An 80 mph public health warning from the BMJ, and call for full details to be released for debate:
Why do all arguments over #HS2 have to be so simplistic - this route or nothing, wealthy opponents, back yards etc?
RT @bbcwm: News: A rail watchdog attacks a 13% increase in a rail fare between Birmingham and London.
Very good round up on the @airportwatch site about oil prices and what's happening to them compared to DECC forecasts:
"In 2012, please be considerate to other road and pavement users" (post on @b31voices hyperlocal blog):
Staycations’ and weak pound have boosted British trade, says Bank of England: - so why encourage more flights abroad?
Bus fares shooting up (20%) due to govt cuts in grants. Why so little outcry over that?

Waste & Resource Use
Blog post on @b31voices - Your opportunity to change how rubbish is collected:
Please do let your councillor know that we should have a better waste (resource recovery) system in Birmingham:
There is a lot less rubbish going to landfill (but way too much being incinerated and not enough re-use/recycling!):
Brilliant Christmas video message by @Glosvain to the council about the proposed incinerator:
Global hunger for plastic packaging leaves waste solution a long way off: incineration is certainly not the answer!

RT @BirminghamPress: Three workshops in Stirchley Park for local people interested in discussing the park's future. RT @guardianeco: 'Greenest government ever' must do better – but so must green groups, too | Zac Goldsmith
RT @theneweconomics: Two billion reasons to rethink the economy | Mike Harris
New blog post on green new year's resolutions that you could take:
RT @MikeChilds1: great blog by @James_BG on the name-calling by @GregBarkerMP in the FT Now let's move on.
RT @mwarhurst: New study on sustainable development through left wing and right wing UK political narratives:

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