Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Weekly compilation 06.05

I'm afraid I didn't get round to posting this last week, but here's the round up of tweets from Friday:

RT @rail_media: Weekly poll results: Has the Government done enough to consult the public over #HS2? http://goo.gl/fb/3bYld #rail

There's a new article on our website about the perils of developing an Enterprise Belt along the M42: http://bit.ly/lfZCit

Good write-up by @joelycett of his meeting with @nxbus to try and get them to improve bus services and give change:http://bit.ly/ioLq3x

High speed rail link protesters challenge noise level claims:http://bit.ly/lMs0fD #HS2

@SWMtweet Notes from our public #HS2 debate in partnership with @Bham_FOE are now available. http://ow.ly/4Ov3R

RT @AirportWatch: FT- hard-pressed airlines moving to cut capacity to stay profitable - jet fuel more than $3.30/gallonhttp://bit.ly/lOkiOp

I see this consultation on #HS2 for Old Oak Common is as balanced and fair as the Birmingham one: http://bit.ly/jDD72t

On Saturday, we'll be at a walking event at Sarehole Mill. See this new blog post for details: http://bit.ly/mj9cHG

RT @philiploy: I repeat, cycling should be funded by NHShttp://bit.ly/kmfcGl Good publicity but such initiatives have been around for years

This is exactly why we don't want it in its present form - #HS2should not make Birmingham London's 3rd airport: http://bit.ly/lTQnJi

Tricky - what have they done? RT @RichardHebditch: Blog from me on what coalition has done for transport over past yearhttp://bit.ly/jXs7AF

Local Shops, Food and Waste
Good email action to do before the weekend from WDM - Stop banks betting on food: email the Treasury: http://bit.ly/mpuKxL

Spring Food & Crafts Fair – 22nd May at Court Lane Allotments in Erdington: http://bit.ly/gqckqY

RT @grist: Girl Scouts censor Facebook criticism of palm oil in cookies: http://ow.ly/4OoBo

Let's have some here: RT @the_ecologist: What is a community orchard? pioneers of Apple Day answer with top tipshttp://tinyurl.com/3hq5adg

We had no idea it was compost awareness week, did you?http://bit.ly/mSjBOb

For lots of tips on composting and the reasons why you should compost, look here: http://bit.ly/jpEVaT

There's a new post on our blog "Beyond Rubbish" with an example of a place where they've achieved 80% recycling: http://bit.ly/kTYCLd

RT @birminghammail: Birmingham news: Birmingham safe from water crisis - but food bills could rise http://bit.ly/mc8evm

RT @AlysFowler: In case anyone still needs persuading GMOs, Monsanto and glyphosate are harmful to our well-being- Dr. Huber's letter http://bit.ly/lZmobl

Energy and Climate Change
RT @campaigncc: Call for a 0% biofuel target for petrol and diesel in the UK, e-mail the DfT here: http://bit.ly/l8QBdk

There's a facebook event for #energybill Big Climate Reconnection meeting with MP Steve McCabe at Uni of Bham June 2:http://on.fb.me/jFi5ZB

Guess it's a good sign that people are becoming more aware: RT @birminghammail: Pedal power for Birmingham eco-funeralshttp://bit.ly/jBxNxP

The incompatibility of tackling #climate change with consumption &#economicgrowth. http://bit.ly/bW552W -need sustainable development model

RT @wwwfoecouk: Blog: Photography in Paraguay: One of the last great wildernesses under threat http://goo.gl/fb/B9zEg

RT @warehousecafeuk: we're looking for a new addition to our kitchen team --- please RT far and wide http://bit.ly/gP1LVe

RT @Magpiemoth: Friends of the Earth Regional Gathering 2 July in Birmingham - come for a Big Energy Conversationhttp://bit.ly/kEDKU2

One of the more unusual things we're getting involved with this summer: http://bit.ly/igVl9X

RT @digbeth: Reclaim The Spaces guerilla picnic #1 on 15th May now has a Facebook event page: http://on.fb.me/l26FUq

Thanks for coming everyone: RT @digbeth: Some pics of guerilla gardening with @Bham_FOE http://yfrog.com/h2z4bncjhttp://yfrog.com/h799ywcj

Hopefully that gives something for everyone to keep interested in.


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