Monday, 7 February 2011

Low Energy Party - more exciting than it sounds!

Next Thursday, Urban Village is hosting a special kind of party. The bar has agreed to install low energy lighting in the bar using twenty percent of the money they take.

This concept is called “9carrots” - businesses making themselves more sustainable using a portion of the extra sales from 9carrots promotion. Any business can join and progressively builds up extra sales over time to invest in green upgrades.

The 9carrots project is a way of connecting your community to its supply chains, production methods, employment and financial decisions by creating an ongoing dialogue between people and business. Then, together, your community can start making changes it needs become resilient to peak oil and Climate Change.” - Tom Tierney, Kings Heath Transition Initiative

In March, the Kings Heath Transition Initiative are planning to launch a larger scheme involving a dozen local businesses. Groups have also recently started in the USA and Canada.

The evening will be opened by the comedian Richard Higgs, followed by the superb soul-funk band Route 49. Entry is free and it starts at 8pm. It's open to all - please come down and show your support!

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This is not a BFoE event, but we welcome the idea and a number of our members will be going along to support it.

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Skip Hire Birmingham said...

This is a fantastic incentive for all businesses not just in Birmingham but across the entire country. I hope more schemes like this are setup across the UK.