Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Supermarket "sniffing" around at the dogs home?

Again there is mention in the press about a supermarket buying the land off the RSPCA in Barnes Hill

The last time I contacted Deidre Alden, the local councillor, she was denied hearing anything.
However in 2007, Asda went around the areas of Barnes Hill and Selly Oak gaining opinions in a development, and I posted ASDA: Consulting the public or a forgone conclusion?

This is worrying development as this would be on the land of the Dogs home and a green area leading to a park so more of the green space of Brum being eaten away. Going back to what I wrote in 2007:

"It seems that the Barnes Hill site is sparking more controversy. After some investigating, the site includes the RSPCA which is owned by the City Council which Deirdre Alden mentions in her blog but doesn’t mention that the site takes up a green area adjacent or part of the Woodgate, a designated country park which is owned by the City Council. So yet another piece of green land is threatened by a supermarket. Already the developments at the Yardley and Hodge Hill are taking green spaces in the city and now it looks like more green land is threatened in the South edge of the city."

It looks like we need to get our coffin out again to bury supermarkets before it starts digging up our green space and the pets cemetery at the dogs home.


Anonymous said...

Birmingham Mail Extra ran a story about the RSPCA site (July 2009) saying that it is to be sold and that pets buried there can be removed by their owners (or moved to Hereford). The RSPCA would move its animal treatment to Frankley. The Barnes Hill site is earmarked to be sold for supermarket construction.

Anonymous said...

Another pet cemetery (Sleepy Meadow) has come forward to help with the possible re-location of pets buried at Barnes Hill.